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What Satisfied Clients Have to Say:

Greg R. from Schaumburg, IL
June 27, 2012

I sent my 2009 Toyota Tacoma pick up in for new interior. The cheap seats from Toyota failed to last so i had them rebuild me new seats. I was very impressed with Ken O'Rielley's shop and professional attitude as also with his son Pat. They treated me as a valued customer and understood my dilemma with my truck's interiors and gave me the best looking interiors seat restoration I've seen. The work was flawless. Every detail was unbelievable. The seat padding was redone, the springs were fixed that were broken. This seat was so comfortable i could fall asleep in it. Plus the patterns that Pat picked out when I saw I had tears in my eyes .This was awesome work. My truck looks so good inside I now decided to keep it. It cost me some money but the end result was more than word could express. This was a better product than Toyota could ever do. I will send all my friends there. Thanks!